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Police Explorers


What is a Police Explorer?

A Police Explorer is a person between the ages of 14 and 21 who are interested in the field of law enforcement. He or she participates in meetings, training sessions, ride-alongs with experienced police officers, and other activities such as the Explorer Police Academy as part of the learning process. Leadership positions are obtained through the completion of certain training requirements.

Who can be an Explorer?

Anyone can be a Police Explorer as long as she is of good character, is between the ages of 14 and 21, and maintains a “C” average in school.

When are the meetings?

Meetings are held every Monday afternoon at 4:00PM (holidays excluded unless voted otherwise). Meetings may range from thirty minutes to several hours. Other training sessions and activities may be planned for other days.  Meetings are mandatory unless excused for school, church, or family functions.

What are examples of Explorer training and activities?

Aside from the regular meetings, Explorer training consists of the following plus more:


Domestic Violence

Search and Seizure

Criminal Justice System

Department General Orders


Crime scene investigation


First aid (CPR)

Crowd and traffic control

Department radio procedures

SSGT Defensive Tactics (self defense)

Law Enforcement Explorer Police Academy

Accident investigation


What can I expect as a Law Enforcement Explorer?

You can expect to have fun, casino online learn a lot about the field of law enforcement, and to meet some really great people who are interested in helping you learn about the career field that you are interested in. You can also become eligible for scholarships and earn awards.


Ride-A-Long Certification:

One of the great parts of being an explorer is that after meeting certain requirements you are able to ride-a -long in the cruisers with host officers. You can observe and help the officer out on actual calls.


All of this training takes approximately 6 months to complete. Then you must receive approval from the police department to ride-a-long.

Not only do we do the required training but we also take part in several other types of "Hands-On" training such as:


-Handcuffing Techniques


-Accident Investigation

-Defensive Tactics


-Building Searches

Public Relation Events:

The Explorers also help out the community. Some of these include:

-Russellville Christmas Parade: Direct traffic & maintain crowd control

-Watermelon Festival

-Fund Raising Events

There are many other types of public relations projects that the Explorers participate in. Sometimes we  fingerprint children for identification kits or sometimes we are asked to watch police equipment that is on display for the public to view.

Police Cadet Academy:

The Alabama Law Enforcement Explorer Academy is held every year for a week. Its purpose is to give you a taste of what the 12 week long Police Academy is like.  You can also apply to attend Federal Academies.

How to Join:

To join come by the Police Department on Mondays between 4pm & 6pm.  You can pick up an application at the PD or download one online.  The last page of the application must be notarized.   The costs of the program will be discussed during the interview process.  We make every effort to keep costs down through fundraising because we don't want that to be a factor in you being a part of the program.  For further information on joining contact Lt Jeff Michael at 256-332-2230.



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